Vivor Gold Silicone Reusable Hydrotherapy V-Line Chin Uplift Mask

$ 49.99

A luxurious reusable V-line mask for the neck and upper chin made with carefully selected ingredients to provide dermal hydration in the comfort of your home. Simple and effective treatment results in clear complexion and radiant skin while reducing dark spots and firming skin.

  • ACHIEVE FLAWLESS LOOK - Here is the most concentrated treatment to rejuvenate, correct, protect and revitalize your skin around your chin against the key signs of environmental stress, wrinkles and aging, and help you achieve a flawless V-shaped youthful look
  • POWERFUL ANTI-OXIDANT AND ANTI-AGING FORMULA - Our Vivor Hydrotherapy Chin Mask, V-line uplift treatment promises to increase circulation of blood flow in your skin, by neutralizing the free radicals from everyday aggressors, promoting skin whitening, and reduce skin sagging, while mitigating dark spots and scar tissues
  • MULTI-EFFECTIVE FORMULA - Excellent at reducing acne scars and dark spots. It is also a superb aid to help with skin surgery recovery to mitigate saggy skin, double chin, jowls, aging and many more.
  • REUSABLE- Our Vivor Hydrotherapy Chin Mask , a V-line uplifting treatment, is medically made of a Patented Antimicrobial technology and structural components to ensure that Vivor Beauty Chin Masks can be Reused up to 100 TIMES, without no side effects
4 weeks progress. Reduced fine lines, tighten and firmed skin. Younger looking with more defined V-line face.
Tip: curve side face up towards the mouth for better coverage. 
*Picture not to scale

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