A little about skin

Skin condition deteriorates mainly due to aging. Daily life pressures, \such as smoking, late nights, insufficient sleep, and bad dieting, make it hard to keep your skin’s youthful glow. . Inevitably, when skin gradually loosens, wrinkles appear. The reason for  the skin’s deterioration is mainly due to the reduction of the skin’s self-recovery capability. Normally, your body will produce enough collagen to not only repair the damaged skin cells but to also form new cells. However, the skin’s self-recovery efficiency is reduced along with metabolic slowing. Excess fat and old tissues then start to accumulate in chins and necks, eventually causing the sagging of facial tissue and features.  

Why Vivor mask

By applying our silicone-made Vivor mask to your face and neck, an external downward force targets your skin directly. This helps speed up blood circulation efficiency and raises the temperature within your skin’s dermal layer, which corresponds to a more efficient metabolic rate. Meanwhile, more water, oxygen and nutrients are delivered to fibroblasters, thus quickening the elimination of cell waste like carbon dioxide, carbamide, free radicals and melanin. Skin therefore can be repaired and replenished rapidly, ultimately reducing lines, restoring elasticity, retaining hydration and improving firmness so that your skin is forever timeless and radiant.